Neuigkeiten für unsere Quiltgruppe K7Quilter

“Das Vindobona” ist wieder geöffnet.

Chris und ich hatten gestern einen “Lokalaugenschein” und dabei unseren Wunsch deponiert, dass unsere Treffen auch in Zukunft dort stattfinden können.

Die Renovierung wurde sehr geschmackvoll durchgeführt. Für unsere Zwecke vorteilhaft, der Boden hat sich geändert, der “Red Room” ist verschwunden und die Beleuchtig ist viel besser! Jetzt heißt es “Daumen drücken”, dass unser Wunsch in Erfüllung geht.

Hoffentlich, bis bald!

Long time no sewing – two finished projects

The book “English Paper Piecing” by Claudia Schmidt was the starting point for a table runner.
The pattern is for handsewing, I machine pieced my top, though.


When cleaning up my sewing space I noticed a string of leftover patches. They ended up as a pillow.


These triangles are true EPP. I sewed them 2014. Read more at the previous post Another table mat. The border was rather challenging. It took me hours to sew on the narrow stripes around the triangles.


How I successfully installed Visual FoxPro 9 on Windows10

I had to install the IDE due to a change of OS from Windows7 to Windows10.
My hardware changed as well from 32bit processor to 64 bit.

Visual FoxPro 9

The first try to install VFP9 from USB-stick failed. But finally I found a solution
that worked.
I searched for the physical CD-discs of FoxPro in my stock. A pre-version was needed as VFP9 is an upgrade.
Step 1:
Install Visual FoxPro 7 by running the setup from CD.
Reboot your system (Yes, like back in the old days!)
Step 2:
Install Visual FoxPro 9 by running the setup from CD.
I left predefined installation paths as designed.
Follow the setup routine, run thru all 3 steps. Step 3 is installation of SP2.
Be sure to leave your VFP9-CD-Disc in the drive and connected, the setup will
check for the CD.
Reboot your system! Now copy the extracted DLLs of the Hotfix to the install

Step 3:
Apply the change to your IDE-projects. Rebuild your applications and distribute
them. Test your applications in a runtime-environment.

This is the stage, where I’m currently struggling at the new OS settings.

This site provides useful additional information:

new thimble

A new addition to my collection. This thimble is from New Zealand. Isn’t it wonderful?


My repair work is finished. As it is very cold these days my husband likes to use it right now.