Quilt Fest 2012

Das nun bereits traditionelle Quilt Fest der Patchworkgilde Austria fand diesmal in Krieglach statt.

Es war wie immer ein Erlebnis. Am Nähwettbewerb habe ich mich am Samstag auch beteiligt, das war ein Riesenspaß.

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4 comments on “Quilt Fest 2012

  1. sibylle says:

    Ich habe mich ja so gefreut dich zu treffen, und es war sooo gut mit dir zu plaudern :-))) Danke für die Fotos, alles Liebe sibylle

  2. I had to look Nähwettbewerb up in the dictionary. Am I right that that’s a sewing competition? How did that work?

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hello from Vienna. In this challenge you had to sew a strip 2 or 3 meters löng on an old treadle sewing machine as fast as possible. I am not used to sew on such machines, I own one though. Regards Elisabeth
      btw: do you speak German?

      • Oh wow, a speed test on a treadle machine – I can imagine the giggles (and the swearing.) And yes, I speak German, though I’m a bit rusty these days. I was in Munich a couple of years ago and I bought a handbag. They forgot to remove the security tag and I didn’t want to walk all the way back to the shop to get it removed. So I asked the man in the hardware shop near the hotel to cut it off for me. That was a big test of my German and he did it, but I believe he thought I’d stolen the bag.

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