sewing fun

Many thanks to all my readers and followers. I like to hear what you think about my sewing. So please take a minute to leave a comment.

The last days I spent half of the day at my computer and the other half on sewing and taking photos of my goodies.

In my mind was the idea to search in my oldest books for this traditional pattern “cathedral window”. I knew it was in one of my books.

Here is my second tiny block in different pictures. nur block


I love my tweezers scissors, they are hard to find.



At last I found the right book, published in 1977. In German language this block is called “Domfenster”.buch_domfenster

domfensterBack from taking pictures to sewing. I had to try a pattern for a zipper wallet. And the test was positive, here is the result. Never ever was the zipper thing so easy. Pattern or tutorial found at




3 comments on “sewing fun

  1. lyndsey2012 says:

    Hi! I’ve really enjoyed looking through your blog, so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award:

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Lyndsey, nice to meet you. Thanks for the award, I feel honoured. May I think it over? It seems to be quite a lot of typing. 33 bullets. You are lucky, this week I need not go to the office and have plenty of time to brood over your questions.

      • lyndsey2012 says:

        Yes that is absolutely fine, no pressure. 🙂 It’s just if you have the time, if you don’t do not stress over it. It’s been fun looking over your creations!

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