triangles – what’s up ?


I added two more rows to my triangles yesterday.

If you look from the distance, the result seems OK

Left picture was taken outdoor, right picture in my room.

If you look close, my points do not meet.

Any suggestions to improve my sewing?


12 comments on “triangles – what’s up ?

  1. I see no need to improve anything.Keep working, keep smiling and don’t worry about minor imperfections. Its important to keep humanity in your work, I believe. I love your colours and fabric choice.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Oh, thanks. You cheer me up. I’ll continue on that piece and remember the words: “Nur der Liebe Gott ist perfekt!”

      One day you have to tell me your name. Warm greetings!

  2. Triangles are so difficult to work with as the sides will stretch a lot, at least they do when I work with them. I know some people spray starch before they sew them together but your piecing is great so I wouldn’t bother. The fabrics you have used are perfect together too! They make optical illusions 😀 Avis x

    • Elisabeth says:

      Thank you, Avis. I have a pile of remnants from my hexagon quilt. This fabrics are all batics. I added the yellow and orange.
      Btw. never replied to your recommendation of romanianquiltstudio. I know Geta and her blog for a year or so. She is an awesome quilter.

  3. Very very nice… And the points not really meeting up.? .. it gives it a little dynamism! More optical illusion, right?

  4. skalabara says:

    Perfect matching points, nice choice of colors!!

    • Elisabeth says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Barbora! Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist, I’m not quite pleased whith my triangles.
      Nice to meet you!

      • skalabara says:

        Please always consider : when take a look at your quilt from 2 meters distance, your triangles (or blocks) are perfect. I like to be perfect also, but the most important thing is to find is a balance between the 100% perfect and (lets say) the 93% perfect. Looking forward to see more!!
        Greetings from Spain, Barbora

      • Elisabeth says:

        Thank you, Barbora, for your kind words. I’m working filltime, so be patient. This top will grow slowly.

      • skalabara says:

        I am looking forward to see the progress!!

  5. […] I quilted one of two rectangles, which were pinned to my design wall for more than a year. I pieced these triangles in January 2013. See this post: triangles – what’s up […]

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