a gap year to come?

I have to fill the gaps in my “Lots of Dots”. It seems to take me forever to fill these gaps. 25 squares, but it is tricky. I’d better not left them until the end.


What is a gap year? Wikipedia says:

“A gap year is time out to travel between life stages. It is also known as a sabbatical, time off, time out and a year out, referring to a period of time (not necessarily 12 months) in which people disengage from curricular education and/or work and undertake activities such as traveling, volunteering or working abroad.”

This is what I consider to do.




11 comments on “a gap year to come?

  1. I love this quilt Elisabeth. It’s full of cheerful colour. Well done. I’m sure you’re enjoying working on this particular project.

  2. The more I see of this quilt, the more I want to look at it again and again. A wonderful work of art!

  3. jule says:

    Och, 25 Stück sind doch überschaubar. 🙂 Aber ich weiß, solche Sachen können dauern, wenn man nicht so recht Lust hat. – Das wird schon.

  4. A gap year is a fantastic idea,. We have been talking about that too. One interesting idea is to teach sewing skills to improve womens’ ability to provide for themselves and their families. We have the skills to do that 🙂

  5. Hi Elisabeth, this is amazing, stick with it it will be so worth it.

  6. When I look at the pictures in the body of the blog, I notice the bright colors more – when I look at the pictures in the sidebar, the white hexagons jump out. And then I look at the large pictures again and notice the teeny tiny triangles inside the centers! I love patterns that change before your eyes like that. And as always, your craftsmanship just sets off the design to perfection.

  7. So beautiful and in such happy colors–it’s like looking in a kaleidoscope!

    • Elisabeth says:

      I’m so glad that you like my quilt.

      I strugle in filling in the remaining squares. Esp. where I pulled out the papers for reuse my prepaired squares do not fit exactly, so I have to stretch them in all directions.

      And the piece is large and heavy, so I need a clean table to work.

      It seems to take me ages.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Happy Quilting!


  8. This is SO beautiful. I can see so many different patterns emerging as I look at it over and over. You have done a marvelous job. It is so cheerful and happy with all the colors. GOOD JOB 😄

  9. I really like your blog!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

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