quilted triangles view

quilted triangles view

As I already mentioned, my time for sewing is limited.
Yesterday I managed to squeeze in a few stitches. This is the result:

quilted triangles detail

quilted triangles detail

I quilted one of two rectangles, which were pinned to my design wall for more than a year. I pieced these triangles in January 2013.
See this post: triangles – what’s up



6 comments on “quilted

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Danke dir, Brigitte!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Und ich schau desöfteren bei dir vorbei, wie es sich eben für ‘Schwestern’ gehört 😉
    Tolle Taschen hast du, bist ja fast die Imelda Marcos der Patchworktaschen 😀

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you, Ester. I userd a rather thick batting. So I have to unsew a bit. even on the second rectange which is still under the sewing machine.
    Have a nice week! Greetings from Vienna!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Hello Janet, you know that I started a studie on applied science in September 2013. 2 semesters successfully done. But is is tough, laborious, stressfull. Most of the students are about 20 years old and I feel that I am rather old by now.
    I do not dare sewing when I have homeworks to do and when I have to learn. It is holiday time, so I can relax. And gather power for the next semester.
    Have a nice week! Greetings from Vienna!

  5. Looks wonderful Elisabeth!!!

  6. Hi Elisabeth, I love this triangle quit and how you have quilted it. Well done on getting it finished. Sorry to hear you don’t get much time for your sewing now. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t sew each day. Take care, love jan x

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