swoon block

This is my first Swoon Block. I’m not happy with the result, too wonky.100_3769 100_3777


8 comments on “swoon block

  1. Wonky??? I can not see anything wrong with it,
    It is very pretty, Elisabeth,

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Ester, thank you, you are very nice. This block is too small, only 25 cm. I wanted to spare a few seams which did not work. There was much unpicking, ripping. And the fabric is too busy. Next try will be 40 cm minimum and solid fabric.

  2. My one and only swoon type block was bigger but like you I had to redo quite a few components. I think the block has potential, don’t you?

    • Elisabeth says:

      potential, yes. You should use at least two solid fabics, if not tree. And a minimum of 12″ block size.

      • I think my block was 15″. I’m keen to make another after chatting with you about it. Still super busy at work and tired in the evenings though.

      • Elisabeth says:

        Thank you for stopping by. I’m ready to start a new swoon block, now that I finished my little pouch.

  3. laflor5233 says:

    I think it’s a beauty!

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