Women Only?

Gender bias is what I have to experience in the world of IT towards women. Majority tends to overrule ??

Tim Latimer - Quilts etc

I belong to several Facebook quilting groups.  The groups are wonderful, a sort of modern quilting bee or guild meeting with no time constraints.   Any time day or night there are avid quilters sharing what they are working on, beginning quilters asking for help, advanced quilters sharing tips.  It really is wonderful!

But there is one thing that really bothers me, (and since you are reading my blog and know I am a man I know you aren’t one of the offenders) Gender Bias.

I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I read in these groups that start with “Ladies I have a question…”   or “Good morning Ladies I want share…”   How hard is it to say “I have a question”  or “good morning I want to share” rather than making it gender based by inserting Ladies?

Sometimes if I respond to one of the posts I will…

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