As you might expect, I love experimenting with patchwork.

Here are some pictures of my latest efforts.

This 9″ block is hand appliqued. Not sure yet whether to sew more of this pattern. Pattern by Patricia Logan published in QNM April 2004 called “French Twist” is with 6″ blocks.100_6380_k

In April I sewed another litte coin purse. It is foundation paper piecing. Pattern for foundation is from Quilting Arts Modern Patchwork 2014 called “Mini Mayflower” by Katie Clark Blakesley.


And these blocks are waiting to be continued:



7 comments on “experimenting

  1. Your French Twist looks amazing! The edges are smooth, the points match and the colors are engaging. I bet the whole quilt will be a work of art:)

  2. 1marylou says:

    The movement of the french twist is visually interesting.

  3. The French twist is great. How long dots it take to make? That would make a beautiful quilt.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. Hard to tell how long does one block need. Cutting and ironing and pinning and sewing, I estimate 4 hours. But I did many things in addition. See new bog post. Best wishes Elisabeth

  4. […] may remember my post about the “French Twist” block. One quilter asked in the comment section “How long does it take to make?” So this is […]

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