Quilt show / Exposición de colchas / Exposition de courtpoint / Exposição de colchas de retalhos

I was grinding to a halt in quilting. Anyhow it is nice to see international quilters expose their work. I want to hand you over to Sartenada, who always shares his excellent photos.

Sartenada's photo blog / Blog de foto de Sartenada

In English:

Quilt show in Kemi, Finland. Part 1.

It was cold, but sunny Sunday in March, when we headed our car towards the town called Kemi from Oulu. This small northern town is known about its Snow castle and Pink church. The road was iceless, which meant enjoyable carefree driving.

The purpose of our trip was to explore the quilt show in Kemi. The quilt show was arranged by the Finnish Quilting Association Finn Quilt, which is the nationwide association of quilt enthusiasts, in collaboration of local quild Tilkkukööri.

The admission fee was collected only from women, not from men. The quilts on display were divided into into two parts, those made in Finland and those made in Europe. In this post, I present only quilts made in Finland. I also took some close-ups of some of quilts that may interest among enthusiasts.

En español:

Exposición de colchas…

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