a quick project

In the www I found a nice tutorial, which I could not resist to try.

Triangle Zipper Coinpurse by Craft Passion

The tutorial is easy to follow. I used a greater size though, 7 inches instead if 5, according to my zipper.

The zipper is not perfect and I’d rather have it in the center of one triangle.  The loop or handle turned out oddly, have to improve at next try.

If you want to give it a go, be sure to read the top comments, there are some great hints in it.100_5027


patterns for quilt blocks

A new book full of great patterns waits on my sewing table, thanks to Chris!

book cover

365 Patchwork-Blöcke

Many pictorial designs like the rose on the cover or

this husky


and the butterfly.


Or perhaps I’ll start with the carpenters wheel.


pattern testing

Two weeks ago I volunteered for pattern testing.

Ester is a quilter and designer of the Netherlands, she asked on her blog “Ipatchandquilt” for testing a foundation piecing star block. The block is similar to a Mandala and it spoke to me.

  1. Print the pattern. As the original foundation is meant for a 8″ block, I scaled the size. It ended up at approximate 28 cm. And I  drew the foundation on a lightweight paper, so I will see the fabric easily when sewing.
  2. 8 foundations.104_1551
  3. Fabric choice: pink and purple, what else 😉104_1552
  4. Start sewing at No. 1104_1554
  5. When ever possible I use chain sewing.104_1555
  6. 104_1556104_1557104_1558104_1559It all went smoothly. All quarters fitted perfectly.104_1565
  7. Step back and admire!

Thank you Ester, it was done in no time and it was fun to sew as well.

Pattern now available – Neue Anleitung

On the right panel you will find a new entry Tessellating Crosses. There you would be able to download my new pattern.

Many thanks to Bonnie in Lansing MI, Cindy in Seattle WA and Jan in UK for their hints and support.

I’d like to hear from you and your finished projects.

Auch die deutsche Anleitung ist fertig. Im rechten Bereich unter Tessellating Crosses kann diese als PDF heruntergeladen werden.  Falls Sie einen Quilt in dieser Technik nähen, würde mich das fertige Objekt interessieren, bitte schicken Sie mir eine Nachricht.

Auch für Fragen oder Unterstützung stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.