If you remember the top that our group finished recently, then you will recognise this hexies. They are some leftovers, I could not resit to use. This is the start of a new project. Not sure yet what to make. They are lovely to stack anyway.

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photo macros

I indulged in the world of soap bubbles. In my improvised photostudio, my kitchen table,this is indeed, there is a strong light, a neon lamp. This bright light appears in almost every picture. So I selected a few for you to share the colorful beauty. As these are digital zooms the quality is not excellent, but you will get the idea, I suppose 🙂

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Ich möchte gerne zeigen, woran ich gerade arbeite.
Dieses Top soll fertiggestellt werden, einige Damen von den K7Quiltern helfen mir dabei. Vielen Dank!


Eigentlich hab ich ja wenig Lust zum Nähen. Die Fotografie ist momentan viel aufregender,aber das ist eine andere Geschichte 🙂
Meine Foto-Experimente finden sich auf flickr.