Einladung “Quilts im Schloss”

Quilts im Schloss

Ausstellung traditioneller und moderner Quilts

der Badener Patchworkgruppe “Die Flic-Flacs”
Schloss Tribuswinkel 4. – 6. November 2016

Zu sehen gibt es:

eine bunte Vielfalt an Patchworkarbeiten, Einzelarbeiten
und Gemeinschaftsprojekten, Pölster, Taschen …

Zu erwerben gibt es:

genähte Kleinigkeiten, wie Täschchen, Lavendelsäckchen …
Lose für den Verlosungsquilt
Stoffe und PW-Zubehör bei den Verkaufsständen
von Gerlinde Fürstner (Aflenz) und Sabine Knott (Neusiedl)

Zu gewinnen gibt es:

eine Patchworkdecke
Verlosung: 6. Nov., 16:30 Uhr


step by step …

My Granny Square Top is growing slowly. This top is planned to end up 6 rows and 9 columns, giving 54 blocks or rather 108 counting the 9-patches.

So not even half way through. I already joined a part in the lower left corner.

And here is a picture. Yes, my design wall is a green bed sheet.

on the design wall - work in progress

on the design wall – work in progress

a gap year to come?

I have to fill the gaps in my “Lots of Dots”. It seems to take me forever to fill these gaps. 25 squares, but it is tricky. I’d better not left them until the end.


What is a gap year? Wikipedia says:

“A gap year is time out to travel between life stages. It is also known as a sabbatical, time off, time out and a year out, referring to a period of time (not necessarily 12 months) in which people disengage from curricular education and/or work and undertake activities such as traveling, volunteering or working abroad.”

This is what I consider to do.



purple patchwork pouch

Some times ago I tried the disappearing nine patch pattern. The patches I used were small and unique and all in purple. Folded in 3 parts was the ideal size for my cell phone.104_1473

I took pictures of all the purple pouches I sewed in the last years.


My dear hubby said: Cann’t you stop that purple pouch production?

Me: OK, but what about these purple coasters?