The reason quiltmakers do this is because …

Traditional patchwork patterns vary depending on tradition and place of origin. Patchwork, or piecing, involves cutting fabric into shapes – usually geometric – and joining them to create new designs, both simple and complex. In the Victorian novel The Mill on the Floss (1860), George Eliot’s tragic heroine Maggie Tulliver complains that she can’t see any reason to cut up a perfectly good piece of cloth just to stitch it back together again. The reason quiltmakers do this is because the process allows them to make glorious patterns using the concepts of art: shape, scale, or, most importantly, color and color value – the contrast in shading between light and dark. The contrast of red and white provides an intensity that is perhaps the brightest contrast possible.


From the book “Red and White Quilts: Infinite Variety” by E. Warren, M. Gordon and J. S. Rose


You can find more pictures and a review at Book review: “Red & White Quilts: Infinite Variety” by Elizabeth V. Warren with Maggi Gordon


Look what I got!
This exceptional thimble is a gift of my friend. She bought it at the market in Loumartin, France. It is my first thimble of wood! Thank you!


And a book about the 2011 exhibition “Infinite Variaty”.

This book contains essays about the collector of the red and white quilts, about the process of the exhibition,
a short description for the varieous categories of quilts and pictures of all the 653 gorgeous quilts of the show.
100_6627100_6628100_6629100_6630100_6631You can find more information
of this book and
of the exhibition
and there are even youtube-videos

And this is an Unfinished Object of my own handquilting, which I used as a base for the pictures.


zuletzt gelesen – Bücher über Quilten

Die Abende sind immer noch lang und dunkel, ideal zum Handarbeiten oder auch zum Lesen.

Der Neujahrsquilt

Diese beiden Bücher hab ich beim Gruppentreffen im November zum Ausleihen zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Quilterinnen haben mein Angebot sofort angenommen. Die Geschichten sind auch wirklich sehr gut erzählt. Nicht nur Patchwork-Begeisterte fühlen sich beim Lesen zutiefst berührt.

Beide Bände gibt es in deutscher Übersetzung vom Weltbild Verlag.
Die Autorin Jennifer Chiaverini ist selbst Quilterin und hat eine ganze Reihe von Büchern zum Thema Quilten geschrieben.